Zhejiang Longxiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in October 2002, is located in the Fuchun Culture Street Road, No. 88, is the key enterprises in Fuyang City, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, the business scope of the company is: real estate development, management. The company has a number of high-tech, high-quality staff.
Longxiang property since its establishment, has purchased a harvest moon garden plots, city garden plots, long and plots, gold bay plots of land for real estate development.
Company has completed the development of Moon Garden real estate, with area 6208.4 square meters, 17029 has square meters of construction area, the volume of 2.0-3.7, the sale of the geographical position is superior, outstanding cost-effective, in October 2006 opened within a few months after the pre-sale will scramble to sell out, residents of Jiaokou praise.
Company has completed development of city garden projects, a total of 16 buildings, area 59854 square meters, construction area of 118263 square meters, including: residential construction area of 88107 square meters, commercial construction area of 12800 square meters, office building area of 2700 square meters, the community office building area of 750 square meters, motor vehicle garage area 11291 square meters, non motor garage area 2615 square meters. The volume rate of 1.7435, 20.2% building density, green rate of 39.6%, the total number of 584 residential households, the amount of investment 460 million yuan. Garden City real estate pre-sale has been opened in October 2007, the completion of the sale.
Longxiang company has completed the development of a long and real estate, a total of 14 buildings constitute, the area 41517 square meters, construction area of 85434 square meters, including: townhouse area 22701 square meters, high-rise area 33481 square meters, the commercial area of 1938 square meters.
Underground construction area of 27314 square meters. Volume rate of 1.0 - 1.4, building density: not more than 25%, green rate 30%, construction control height of 60 meters, long and project investment of 4.5 billion yuan now most sales.
Company in May 2013, with the Fuyang 2 other real estate enterprises (Hangzhou Bay Sea Holding Co., Ltd, Hangzhou landscape home Co., Ltd.) co founded the Hangzhou Golden Moon Bay Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Longxiang real estate accounted for 30%) purchase is located in Fuyang Lushan District Deer Hill 1st plots, nature of land for commercial, office, hotel, the land use indicators are as follows: with the area 50869 square meters, 10 million yuan investment in the project schedule, construction area of 132259 square meters and currently is pre prepared in.
Honest and trustworthy company, civilized business, have good social reputation, high public awareness. The company attaches great importance to the internal management of enterprises, the management system is sound. Since its inception, the company won the honor a lot, from year to year was named Fuyang City real estate development business integrity, in 2007, the most anticipated event, 2007, Fuyang City, modern service industry development of advanced units, Fuyang City striving for youth civilization. Company to practice the scientific concept of development, and strive to create a model of civilization into the service industry, the real estate industry, added a brilliant page for the urban construction of Fuyang city.
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