Zhejiang Huada Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, the "double high" enterprises in Fuyang City, starting in communication industry, after nearly 20 years of efforts, development company has become a set of steel, copper, real estate investment in one of the diversified development of large private enterprise groups. Company in September 1999 to establish a party organization, 2014 upgraded for the Party committee, Secretary of a set, a deputy secretary, 5 members, under the design 5 branch. The company has been awarded the "advanced grass-roots party organizations at a higher level party organization", "Zhejiang provincial civilized unit" honorary title.
Company party general branch always adhere to the "catch a party to build around economy, do a good job of Party building and promote development" concept, continue to broaden the train of thought of Party building, the solid leadership team construction to promote enterprise party to build the job, carry out a variety of activities of the party organization, service staff members, enterprise production, to promote the harmonious development of the enterprise.
1, creative and pragmatic, focusing on team building. According to the actual production and operation of enterprises, carry out the education diversity. Party organization in the establishment of a micro platform and micro channel exchange group, every day to push all kinds of political information, rich knowledge, broader more effective communication. At the same time, the company's core team members and new materials are absorbed into the micro channel group, the convenience and practicality of the network of new media and seamless communication, make full use of fragments of time to learn. To strengthen the construction of talent team of enterprise, general branch company party always take it as an important task. To enhance the implementation of the talent project, with the training platform, actively organize party members working in the front line staff, excellent management talents, through lectures, business training and enhance the quality, patience to do ideological persuasion, make the enterprise staff members to establish the correct life outlook and values.
2, based on the concept of service linkage interaction. Company party general branch adhere to the "activities" philosophy is the organization, trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's Federation, association and other organizations unified into the activities of the party organization, rich in content and diverse forms of open party organization linkage activities carried out. In late April this year, the staff of fun games, organizations are mutually linked, "welcome five one, five four celebration activities to engage a new, creative, popular party worker satisfaction. Party organizations initiating volunteer service, active participation of the Communist Youth League, trade unions and other mass organizations, 10 years has always insisted in 61 on the eve of condolences to Fuyang City 12 schools. In the youth volunteer activities, Comrade Chen Yang voluntary donor hematopoietic stem cells to save the new life, new material Co., Ltd of lathe work electrical members join team of volunteers and maintenance of small household electrical appliances, in voluntary blood donation and Oriental trade bazaar, can see the party members in enterprises, outstanding members of the youth figure, they use specific action and service to repay the society.
3, Zhiju micro enterprises, ningxinjuli. Play an active member of staff, carry out "I offer a strategy for enterprise, Party members around the enterprise production development put forward reasonable suggestions. The grass-roots party members have a strong sense of respect and sense of mission, make its can more effectively to lead the demonstration role in a play. Efforts to run the Huada newspaper, cultivate grassroots correspondent, digging out around good deeds, will flash words and deeds of the side revealed, through promote righteousness, build advocate "love and dedication," the China of enterprise culture, and constantly improve the production development of the cohesion of the party members service enterprises.
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