Fuyang City, Zhejiang Feng small loan Co., Ltd. was established in January 2009, the registered capital of 3 million yuan, by the Zhejiang China Group Co., Ltd. as the main promoters, and Zhejiang Fu Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Samsung Paper Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Fuyang District Industry & trade asset management Investment Group Co., Ltd., seven enterprises as legal persons and four natural person shareholders jointly established.
Consolidate the foundation of harmonious appearance of small loans. Company since its inception, adhere to the development direction of serving "agriculture, countryside and farmers" and small and micro enterprises, according to "only loan does not exist, small dispersion, standardized operation, the principle of risk prevention, compliance management according to the law, fully embodies the Huimin small loan, efficiency of small loan and innovative small loan, to construct and harmonious society, people's livelihood, business services show effective service. Companies adhere to the small, fast and flexible characteristics, by lowering the threshold for loans, simplify loan procedures and business processes, customer collaboration across all villages and towns of Fuyang City, business covers for aquaculture, agricultural products processing, manufacturing, commerce, high technology industries, to the disadvantaged groups do poineering work to give support and in the interest rate concessions.
Over the years of operation by the recognition of the society, the company has been in Zhejiang provincial government financial office named "a + level outstanding small loan companies, was rated" excellent micro credit company ", was named" 2012 China small and micro finance innovation best contribution award "and honor China microfinance institutions will Chinese financial institutions in the new forum. Company will, as always, following to Fuyang City, the territory of small and micro enterprises, "three rural", individual industrial and commercial households provide "convenient, fast" loans and other financial services, continue to expand the number of customers and service coverage, to build a beautiful Fuyang
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Fuyang District of Hangzhou city in Zhejiang Province